a h i s t o r y o f i l o v e y o u

at any instance in human history has there been one singular moment when there was not a person in love? we have always expressed or attempted to evince the strongest most timeless emotion. throughout existence, the ways in which love is articulated have developed a universal iconography and a variety of traditions reflecting the history of love, exchange, correspondence, and the gift. this book is devoted to understanding how to say I love you. It is made in homage to the art of correspondence: to the history of the love letter as it once was. It is also a celebration of what a love letter may become in collaboration with the possibility proposed by technological syntax to document a love affair through a post-analogue lens. how do you say i love you? hardcover book wrapped in charcoal linen with dust jacket 120 pages 20x25 cm four colour print library binding smooth semi-matte finished paper images fully bled bespoke handwritten type the even pages are comprised of "handwritten" historical, fictional, and/or contemporary love letters the odd pages are comprised of corresponding images commenting on the old and new ways we communicate love. available here: blurb.com/​bookstore/​detail/​2311397#store-price


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