a h i s t o r y o f i l o v e y o u

at any instance in human history has there been one singular moment when there was not a person in love? we have always expressed or attempted to evince the strongest most timeless emotion. throughout existence, the ways in which love is articulated have developed a universal iconography and a variety of traditions reflecting the history of love, exchange, correspondence, and the gift. the technology with which we communicate allows us to see one another from opposite sides of an ocean. our typed conversations, are preserved in their own ‘history’ which we can access from anywhere in all the world. everywhere we are they exist. we have handheld devices that simultaneously record us, follow us, and document our thoughts, observations, location, every avenue of our life. the format of the love letter has changed to share experience with those we love whether divided by time or distance. the love letter is one of the most romantic inventions ever designed and because of it, our love can exist for as long as we live, (or longer). our ‘i love you’s can exist wherever we like. this is an investigation of the historical and the contemporary architecture of the love letter. it is an investigation of how to say 'i love you'

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